Looking Stronger All The Time

A strong and playful Payman walked to and from the car today for her echo appointment. That may not sound like a big accomplishment, but most children (some even as old as 9 years old) still want to be carried in their mother's arms instead of walking on their own at this point, especially so close to their return home. So, for this three-year old to personify someone with a healed heart by making the parking lot journey on her own two feet was quite a great accomplishment. 
The shy little girl who at first did not make eye contact with anyone and flinched in fear when anyone tried to lovingly touch her has now become a picture of confidence. She makes funny faces and pretends to be a mosquito (making a buzzing noise in-between giggles) before she touches you lightly as though the mosquito has landed. Then delighting to see if you are going to smack the imaginary mosquito on your arm or scratch because he has already bitten you, she then starts buzzing and giggling once more. The only "mosquito repellant" for Payman is getting out the camera to photograph this little
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