Payman and her Grandmother Headed Home

It is always a happy occasion when you are on your way home. So it was for young Payman and her grandmother. As I write this blog, they have just crossed over into Jordan and are on their way home to northern Iraq. 

To summarize her medical history in Israel: Three and a half year old  Payman received heart surgery on June 2 for the correction of a Tetralogy of Fallot by surgeons at Wolfson Hospital. Her post-operative period was complicated by a pericardial and a pleural effusion (fluid on her heart and lungs), so her stay in the hospital was longer than normal, approximately twenty-one days. Since being discharged, she has had no problems. Three further echocardiograms have shown good heart function and an improvement of the fluid complications. Her surgical wounds have healed well. Her observations have been stable, oxygen saturation recording at 97 % on room air. Most importantly, she is a healthy pink colour. Post-operative education regarding wound care has been given to her grandmother. 
In closing, we were all a little sad to see this little girl leave us. One gets used to them being around. We've witnessed her happy moments as well as the tantrums. Today of course, she was all smiles. We thank our heavenly Father for her healing and well-being. She has a bright future ahead.
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