Zhyar Arrives in Israel for Heart Treatment

Zhyar has arrived in Israel! I met him and his lovely mother at the border crossing between Israel and Jordan today. Instead of finding a youthful schoolboy, as indicated by his passport photo, I was surprised to meet a tall young man with a deep voice! 

Zhyar is a very respectful teenager with a mature quality about him. He is the second in line of four sons in his family. Despite not having any sisters, Zhyar was quick to serve as "big brother" for the two little girls traveling with him. His trip to the "Promised Land" holds great significance in that a large hole, or Ventricular Septal Defect, in his heart needs urgent repair. Without quality medical intervention, his life and health are endangered. 
Tomorrow will be Zhyar's initial visit to Wolfson Hospital, where doctors will evaluate his current condition and make plans towards cardiac surgery. We trust that God has many good things in store for this young man's heart and life.   
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