A Most Exceptional Day for Zhyar

Some days seem to be so much more than you expected. Today was that day for Zhyar and his mother. This young man was the last to be ready to leave this morning for the hospital.  Every hair needed to be in place and he had to go change into the "right" shoes at the last minute. 

At the hospital while his blood pressure was being taken, the nurse asked if he was afraid, because his blood pressure was high. We encouraged him to relax (even though he said he was not afraid) and soon the blood pressure came within a normal range.
During the echo, several doctors looked at the results and were discussing what they saw. And then Dr. Alona said, "The diagnosis that came on the report from Iraq for this young man is not evident here. The VSD has completely closed up on its own. He doesn't need surgery. There is another issue that can be corrected with a catheterization and we will set that up for next week."  Praise God! Only God can do that! It was a most exceptional day indeed.
After all the medical issues (and NON-issues) had been taken care of for the day, a little trip to the sea to admire the handiwork of our creator, and a stop at the ice cream parlor, finished off a perfect day.
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