Many Adjectives, Many Lives

Lovely, adorable, energetic, tiny, special, sweet... All words that I often use to describe the Gaza kids. But at the end of the day, I find there are not enough words to describe how unique and amazing each of these children are. I was talking to a coworker today, expressing my excitement at how each one was doing and telling stories of the ups and downs they are going through. "You just love all of them!" she replied. And it's true. In getting to know these children, I am beginning to better understand how much God loves each and every one of us. Even on our bad days, when we scream and cry, he loves us. He is sad when we are sad, he laughs when we laugh, and he rejoices when we rejoice. Today, I had the honor of rejoicing with God and all of the Gaza children in the hospital as we received many good reports.

Two of the children that were in the hospital last week have been sent home. Fourteen-year old Nabil had surgery last Monday, was moved into the Children's Ward late last week and was released to go home this past Sunday. We thank God that his time at the hospital went so smoothly. It is a blessing that the boy suffered no complications and was able to return home so quickly. Karam was also sent home. Unfortunately, the little boy got an infection and had a high fever last week. He will recover in Gaza and then the doctors will reschedule his surgery as soon as he is better.
The four children that were in the hospital last week and were still there today are all doing very well.
Sami is still recovering in the Children's Ward, slowly gaining strength. We are optimistic about his recovery, but know that for now, patience is key. This little guy needs a lot of TLC, which thankfully, his mother is always happy to provide.
Nour has been moved from the ICU to the Children's Ward. Last week was a difficult one for the girl. She was vomiting and had diarrhea frequently. The doctors were also concerned about her breathing and wanted to hook her back up to a ventilator. During the weekend, however, Nour improved greatly. Last week it looked like her recovery would be long and difficult, but her turn around has been nothing short of miraculous.
Mai had surgery last Thursday and is also doing well. While we were at the hospital today she was moved from the ICU to the Children's Ward which shows her recovery is going smoothly.
Ahmed had surgery yesterday and is recovering in the ICU. He was extubated this morning and still looked a bit groggy. When I said good-bye to him today, he slowly lifted one hand and waved it back and forth. This small gesture showed me that, despite his post-surgery exhaustion, this energetic little eight-year old will be up and running again soon.
There were also four new faces in the hospital today.
Bara's surgery was completed yesterday. He, like Ahmed, was extubated today and is recovering in the ICU. The doctors are pleased with how his surgery went and expect his recovery to go just as smoothly.
Gadeer was admitted for surgery yesterday. Her calm, collected attitude made her seem much older than her thirteen years. This mature girl does not seem at all nervous for her surgery that will happen later this week.
Abd El Aziz was also admitted yesterday. The adorable baby's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning.
Israa was admitted for surgery today. This curious and energetic girl did not seem the least bit frightened by the hospital. I pray her lively spirit remains as she heads into surgery this week.
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