Are We Coming Or Going?

Dr. Alona's call yesterday came sooner than expected: "Perhaps there will be an opening in the cath lab tomorrow. Bring Zhyar tomorrow morning by 9 AM and be sure he does not eat or drink after midnight. By noon we will know whether to give him food or whether we will do his cath." Upon the doctor's request we asked Mazal, one of our friends and Kurdish translators, to join us because the doctor wanted to be able to explain with drawings of the goal of the catheterization.

By 10:30 AM everything looked like it was smooth sailing. We had not yet seen Rachel, who reads the PPD's (a test for tuberculosis), but we were told she was coming to the ward. So as we waited and took turns going to lunch, in front of a fasting teen-age boy. SUDDENLY, Zhyar was being wheeled to the cath lab. Here we are going for the cath! 

Now here we are coming back.

Oops, we still have to get the PPD test read before the cath.
Will we now go back to the cath lab or will we be going back to Jerusalem? As we sat together waiting for the next news, the conclusion was
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