A Team Effort for Mohammed Nears its Goal

Eleven-year-old Mohammed arrived in Jerusalem from northern Iraq on the 30th of May with his father for open heart surgery--the repair of a Tetralogy of Fallot. The surgery took place at the Wolfson Hospital on the 28th of June. He has been given the approval of his cardiologist to return home after his final echocardiogram. This will probably be on Sunday the 7th of August. Having been away from their family for over two months now, the news was gladly received by father and son.

The last echo cardiogram, showed no pericardial effusion. Physically, his exercise tolerance has improved with regular walking and short jogs. His observations are stable, his sternotomy wound has healed well. His respiratory function is good. He is neurologically normal & his hematology screen on discharge is within normal limits. Mohammed is going home with a clean bill of health.

Looking after Mohammed has been a team effort . A variety of skills have helped inform, support, and equip him and his father--including their experiences from their initial arrival, to the build up and difficult period of surgery, the post-operative recovery, and the recuperation at Shevet. Mohammed's father has been exemplary in his role as a father to his eldest boy.

There has also been a steady and regular demonstration of grace to both of them. The father does ask questions and he listens when we've shared our experience of God's love. We leave them both in our Father's loving care.

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