Relief and Anxiety Mix for Impending Surgery

"Mixed emotions" was the theme today as Kajeen's mother packed her suitcase to go to the hospital with Kajeen. The Shevet household gathered in the courtyard to pray for Kajeen and her mother as they embraced the invitation for surgery tomorrow.  All were united in one mind and one hope for a good outcome from a merciful God. There were no barriers as the love and concern each one had for the other flowed along a river of tears. In regards to Um Kajeen, I heard someone ask, "Why is she crying?" The release of tension and gratefulness after the long wait, watching all the other mothers return with a healed child, and the fear and dread of knowing what she will watch her daughter endure is quite an overwhelming mix of emotions.
When we reached the hospital, Kajeen became fussy and unsettled as soon as she saw the nurses' station. Even application of the numbing cream on her hands caused her extreme agitation. She cried all through her mother removing the nail polish from her fingers and toes. But when it came time for the drawing of blood (what we expected to be the biggest problem) something had changed. A calm filled the room and it was over.
As her own fashions were exchanged for hospital pj's, Kajeen settled in and was smiling and blowing kisses once again.  Lord we are so grateful for your kindness to the children of men, especially Kajeen and her mother today.

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