A Quiet, Peaceful Recovery

Kajeen had corrective heart surgery for a large Atrial Septal Defect, which caused an excess of oxygenated blood  to flow back through the lungs, when it should have been been directed to the major organs of the body. It placed more stress on the right side of the heart & lungs, making this part of the anatomy work much harder. Praise the Lord, her operation was successful and has provided Kajeen with an even distribution of oxygen & nutrients with optimal nourishment for growth, development and well being.

The next couple days, were days of progress. She had her first echo and was given a good report. After ensuring that her breathing was regular, and her oxygenation stable, she was disconnected from the ventilator and her breathing tube was removed. She was then on oxygen via a mask. Kajeen was connected to a monitor, which gave a detailed reading of her vital statistics. A temporary pacemaker provided backup, in the event of disturbances to heart rate or rhythm. Two drain tubes are still in place draining primary hemorrhage. 

Um Kajeen is enthralled in all that has taken place. Yesterday was filled with feelings of sadness, concern and longing to see her daughter. Now that the surgery is over, she is full of smiles and thankfulness with tears of joy to God for her daughter's progress. She is a small, simple woman from a rural part of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, taking in all the sights and sounds of a big city. And also in the midst of dealing with all the high-tech gear that is part and parcel of a busy Intensive Care Unit. It is understandable why her emotions have been so extreme with such an overwhelming change of environment.

Yesterday, we visited Kajeen again, and found her sleeping peacefully. All but her drainage tube had been removed, and the doctors said they were hoping to take that out as well in the morning. Um Kajeen couldn't stop smiling, and had a tender moment with her daughter, softly petting her sweet head. We are thankful to God for carrying her through so gently and smoothly. Our prayer now is for an easy recovery, and to bring her back to the Shevet house soon.

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