Out of the ICU with Smiles

Happiness is a little girl with a yellow teddy bear full of life and smiles.  This was my first opportunity to see Kajeen since her operation, and she had just been moved out of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and into the Pediatric Ward. She was sitting up on top of her bed all smiles and laughter. Um Kajeen greeted us (Joshua, Yosef and I) with hugs and smiles. It was so lovely to see her relaxed and happy again.

Joshua and Yosef had other business to attend to, so for the next little while Kajeen and I entertained each other with her game of "catch the yellow teddy bear." Poor teddy was thrown with great glee--on the floor, in the air, wherever she thought I couldn't catch it.  Then the game changed to "hide the teddy bear." Like all small children, she was happy to play the same thing over and over again. The fact that neither of us understand the other's language was no problem to a small girl's fun. It was lovely to see her so mobile! I think if she had been allowed she would have been off the bed and running around the room!

Apart from a slight fever, Kajeen's medical report is very good. Now in the childrens' ward, she is off all medication, has had all of her tubes removed, and the heart is clear with no fluid surrounding.

All being well it should not be too long before she can come home to the Shevet House. A great reason to be happy!



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