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There are times in life when the sheer joy of an occasion lifts you up and makes you feel special. This was my experience when I brought Kajeen and her mother home to Shevet. Kajeen is a special 4-year-old girl with Down Syndrome who had open heart surgery on the 6th of September for the repair of a partial AV Canal defect. This involved applying a patch over a hole in the atrial septum and repairing a defect in the mitral valve in the left ventricle. Praise the Lord, the operation was without any complications. She came home today on no medications. This is a really good sign! It indicates that, from a cardiac point of view, she is now well.

An echocardiogram on Monday the 19th is a precautionary one to rule out any fluid around the heart. Her time at home with us before she leaves for Iraq will be spent on managing her Downs Syndrome with gentle physical excercises and mental stimulation to improve her coordination and physical well being. Kajeen's mother will also play a part in these activities, so that she can continue to help her daughter at home in Iraq. Neurologically, her report is that she is well developed after she had a normal neurological examination. So there is no reason why Kajeen can't be a useful and valued member of her family and society.

On a personal note, my opening remarks need some explanation. This little girl has endeared herself to us all. She has a ready, and open smile, and quaint little mannerisms that tug at your heart strings. The phrase "little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice," suits her perfectly. So you can understand why it was such a happy occasion for me personally. Thank you Lord, for bringing this girl into our midst, for making her well, and blessing our lives.

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