Kajeen Sees the Sea for the First Time

Today was a very special day for Kajeen and her mother. They went to see the sea for the very first time in their lives! But first a quick trip to the hospital to check some redness in her surgery scar, which luckily appeared to be quite normal. Kajeen is such a special treasure, she took it all in her stride and made everyone who saw her smile. She insisted on holding Roza a few times very carefully (don't worry, she was very well supervised!) which made for gorgeous pictures of the two.

Soon we were off to the sea. On the way the mothers told Stephanie that they'd been to see a sea once before in Iraq - we were a bit baffled until we worked out that it was a small lake - and that that had been a bit of a rubbish experience. You should have seen their faces when they saw the beach and the real sea: Priceless!! Kajeen especially loved it. After some cautious steps and quick retreats she sat down in the sea and decided she liked it. She kicked her legs and smiled and smiled. So gorgeous!! It's such a privilege to enjoy simple pleasures with her; she got herself wet all over and chuckled away. The only thing she did not like was the sea water in her face and eyes. Her mum did not realise that sea water is salty, so splashing her was maybe not the best idea. The things we have to remember to explain which we take for granted!

Today was the most fun I've had in the whole time I was here. I think I was more blessed while coming on a trip to bless Kajeen and her mother than they were, and I've made firm friends with Kajeen.


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