What is congenital heart disease? 
Approximately eight of every 1,000 children are born with congenital heart disease, a defect in the structure of a baby's heart. It is the birth defect responsible for the highest percentage of infant deaths. If treated early, the child will usually live a healthy life. Left untreated, the defect will likely lead to severe illness or death. Read more.

How are children referred to Shevet Achim?
Shevet Achim works in cooperation with partner physicians in the Middle East who refer children to us. After diagnostic examinations are performed, these physicians consult with Israeli physicians to set and prioritize a list of children requiring surgery. When the child is invited to Israel for surgery, Shevet Achim undertakes to cover all transportation, documentation, housing, and financial requirements.

How many children are treated?
In a typical month, between 10 and 20 children receive heart surgery through Shevet Achim.

How long does a child stay in Israel?
Depending on the severity of the case and the complication of treatment, a child may stay in Israel between two weeks and several months. Children from Gaza Strip shuttle back and forth between the border and the hospital in Tel Aviv; other Middle Eastern children, from further abroad, stay at the Shevet Achim house in Jerusalem. When it comes time for heart surgery, the child is typically in the hospital for one week.

How much does it cost to save a child's life?
$8,000 gives heart surgery to one child, including transportation to and in Israel, hospitalization, border fees, housing, food, medication, etc.

Can I sponsor a specific child?
Yes. You can do this from a child's blog page, or by visiting the Invest page.

How can I donate to Shevet Achim?
The best way to donate is the Invest page. We accept credit card, debit card, and mailed checks. To arrange for offline methods of cash or bank wire transfer, please write to info@shevet.org

Can I receive a tax deduction for my donation?
Yes. Shevet Achim is a registered charity in Israel, USA, UK, and Germany, securing a tax deduction for your donation. Please visit our Invest page to donate in your preferred country.

Can I refer a child to Shevet Achim for treatment?
Yes. Please write to info@shevet.org.

Can I volunteer at Shevet Achim?
Yes. Please see our Come page.

I am a medical/nursing student and would like to volunteer for Shevet Achim in a medical capacity. Is this possible?
Yes. Please write to volunteers@shevet.org to inquire of our current need in this capacity.