Doaa Already Awake and Extubated!

Less than twenty-four hours after open-heart surgery, Doaa was taken off the ventilator and is fully awake! This step of being extubated (breathing tube removed) is a huge indication of progress. Her lungs are working independently once again while her "new" heart gets settled in. Doaa was sitting up in bed this morning with a frown etched on her face. Perhaps it feels like she's in a bad dream and can't wake up. I held her hand in mine as I talked and sang, hoping for some kind of response. She didn't say anything, but her small fingers wrapped around mine. Eventually, Doaa spoke with her mother in a moaning sort of way. Clearly, she is uncomfortable but trying to be brave. 

Dr. Alona told me today that the surgery results were beautiful. Doaa had her first sip of water this afternoon (her only request) and by this evening, she should be able to try some food. Her mother could not be happier with the situation and tries to boost her daughter's spirits with love and patience.

Something else that brought joy to Doaa's mother was the personal messages written by friends of Shevet in the U.S. to her blog posts. When I translated them for her, she smiled and said how great God is and how wonderful it was that Doaa has "sisters" in America who wrote to her. Thank you so much to those who gave them the gift of encouragement.

Please continue to pray for Doaa as she endures these difficult post-op days. May the Lord renew her strength and increase her joy as well.

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