On the Fast Track to Healing

Just two days after surgery, Doaa is out of ICU completely and in a normal room. If I think that only two days ago they were operating on her opened heart, it is unbelievable for me!

She is in a bed now, resting, and after a while she smiled. I took a balloon lying nearby and began to play with her carefully. When I passed it to her, she transported it either with her left arm or right foot back to me.

Lilly talked with Dr. Alona, who came in perchance, and she said Doaa is doing really great: she will likely be released from the hospital on Sunday and then perhaps returning to Kurdistan in three to four weeks. I do not know what the shortest stay for a child at Shevet has been, but this could be a new record.

We are thankful to the Lord, and go on accompanying Doaa with care, until she is completely stable again.

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