A Heart Ready For Home

Doaa's time in Israel feels somewhat like a dream. She came and went so quickly, bringing us kisses and laughter and leaving behind sweet memories. Her surgery to repair Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) was a mere three weeks ago. Nevertheless, Doaa is running and playing as if this new heart has always been hers. 

In keeping with her quick recovery, Doaa's last day in the country was a whirlwind of momentous events. We began at Wolfson Hospital in the early morning for her final echo. Her face lit up when she walked into the room and saw Dr. Alona. "Halloo! Ser Chava Dr. Alona," ("Hello! It's good to see you Dr. Alona).

After an exchange of pleasantries between doctor and patient, Doaa's heart was carefully examined. The ultrasound revealed continued strengthening and restoration in Doaa

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