Atwar Lights Up Our Lives

It's a common Middle Eastern compliment to say that someone is "lighting up" the place he or she is in. And if that expression suits any child we've seen, it would be three-year-old Atwar, who arrived in Jordan from Kurdistan, northern Iraq, on Saturday. Before setting out for Jerusalem this morning, his face at the breakfast table was an irrepressible combination of charm and showboating:

What a little personality! Although he looks quite healthy, Atwar's father reports that without medication Atwar turns blue and can lose consciousness due to cyanotic spells. Surgery is urgent to spare his life.

Tonight we reached Jerusalem, where the five Kurdish mothers already waiting for surgeries for their children were ready to greet the new arrivals with good Kurdish food. Tomorrow Atwar will go to the hospital for his first exams Lord willing, and we will update his page in the evening.

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