Mohammed on the Mend

Yesterday morning, I found Mohammed sitting straight up in bed with a big smile on his face. All of his IVs and chest tubes had disappeared as well. His mother was equally cheerful and no sooner had I sat down, that she began to express her gratitude for her son's good health. "If Mohammed is well, then that is all that matters," she said several times. I remembered how she once explained to me how neither she nor her husband have any living relatives and that Mohammed was the most precious thing in the world to them. There is no doubt that this woman deeply loves her little boy and that he loves her back.

After playing with Mohammed for a few minutes, his nurse came to announce that he was just about to be moved out secondary ICU to the pediatric ward. What progress! The day continued to provide good news for him when we headed across the hospital campus together to the echo department. On the way, I marveled at the fact that Mohammed was walking so steadily without tiring. It was only five days days prior that he had been in the operating room. Through his echo results, Dr. Alona confirmed that his heart was healing tremendously and had made dramatic improvements since his first post-op day. She even considered sending him home in the afternoon, but in the end, decided to keep him overnight.

Mohammed was even more himself during today's hospital visit. His playful, and sometimes mischievous personality has begun to resurface. Silly faces and antics were plentiful as he played and hung around his "big sisters," Eilin and Ruth. While we expected to welcome him back to Jerusalem this afternoon, doctors decided to postpone his discharge once again. His heart contractions were not quite strong enough during the most recent echo exam, although he's still making progress. While we wait and trust God for His perfect timing, we also praise Him for how far Mohammed has come. It won't be long before our community will receive him home once again.

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