Joy From Our Father's Heart

Sonia, Kristina and I drove off earlier today to the Wolfson Hospital with Jesse at the wheel--newly qualified with his Israeli driving license--to finally collect Mohammed and his Mum and bring them home to Prophets Street. We had a great journey there with worship music, blue skies, fabulous scenery, and a sense of the peace of G-d permeating the atmosphere in the minibus. 

As we arrived at Wolfson we saw Mohammed waiting for us with his mother. He was all smiles as we approached, and eagerly began chatting in Kurdish to Jesse and Kristina. He was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, taking everything in, and looking forward to coming back home to Shevet.

Jesse made the mistake of clicking onto a computer game with his mobile phone, and we found taht Mohammed was loathe to leave his newfound joy--he got so excited by the little computer car going up and down hills and along various roads as he controlled its route.

However Sonia and I did tempt him away for a moment, at the promise of posing for photos--which he does really well--and with such a beautiful smile!

Mohammed is fine and looks so incredibly happy. Our G-d is so good and so faithful!

Before we left Sonia, Jesse and I took Mohammed to the play area (whilst Kristina checked up on other children in the hospital).

We had a great time colouring with Mohammed, and making rows of paper boys and paper trees! It was a great day, and everything was positive and good. 

Our return journey was lovely again: clear roads, Kurdish praise music, happy faces, smiles all round. What else could we need? Joy from our Father's heart.

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