Shadi's Heart Surgery


Finally Discharged from Hospital!

Posted on Wed, 02/21/2018 - 22:45 by Johanna Ebert

The last 3 days we got every day, a message from the doctor, that Shadi will be probably be discharged. So our hope that we can really take him home, was not so high today. But to our surprise, Shadi's mum already had his discharge report in her room. And she looked very happy about this. Nevertheless, we had to wait few hours more before the doctor finished the prescription and the nurse was ready with preparing the medicine.

Shadi was laughing a lot during the waiting time and also completely focused when his mum showed him english videos. Around 2 o'clock we were ready to go and it was a good feeling to know that we will have him in our house for the next days.

Shadi's mum is a wonderful woman and can be an amazing blessing in our community with her translation skills.
As we entered the apartment, all the other kurdish mums welcomed them both in such a lovely way. Yesterday we prepared already a single room for Shadi in the apartment, so that there is no risk for the other kids to get his infection.

A Labor of Love

Posted on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 15:30 by Justina

Afaf is the mother of two children who were born with heart defect. She is a strong woman who truly understands the pain, the challenges, and the joy that are encountered on the road to recovery and wellness. In 2003, Afaf's daughter Israh was diagnosed and treated for a congenital heart problem by the doctor's of Save a Child's Heart. Then in 2008, at only 12 days old, Afaf's son Shadi was diagnosed with a complex cyanotic heart defect. The child's echo revealed a heart defect known as a Dextrocardia; a rare anomaly in which the heart is located on the right side of the chest instead of the normal left side of the chest.

The news that her son Shadi also had a serious heart defect was almost too much for Afaf to bear. "I felt angry, sad, and afraid,