Wild Rayan's First Day at Sheba

Last Thursday evening we received two new families here in Jerusalem. Since they arrived on Shabbat, we were not able to bring them to Sheba for initial assessments until today.

I had the honor of following little Rayan around as he had his first encounter with the hospital; thankfully he immediately seemed to settle into his new surroundings. Rayan is an incredibly joyful little boy, and it does not take much to turn his face into one big smile.

There were many children scheduled for today’s clinic so we spent a lot of the time amusing ourselves in the small playground waiting area. Rayan is a wild child! It was a great joy for me to be around this small guy. I think the needs of his wild heart were met today - at least it seemed like it when he fell into a deep sleep in his mother’s arms at the end of our hospital stay.

Rayan went through all of the assessments laughing, smiling, and showing great courage. He is going to need that courage, as he will most likely have to undergo a catheterization before his surgery. Due to a tight cath-schedule at Sheba, Rayan will most likely not undergo the catheterization this week. This gives us more time to really get to know this sweet little boy before we have to send him on a long hospital journey. Let’s praise God for this grateful, loving family that has come into our lives, and pray that they will encounter His love here in our community.

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