Healing is Hard Work

Darbaz has had a rocky recovery following his heart surgery twelve days ago. The most recent complication has been the build up of fluid around his heart. This is not an uncommon side effect and the doctors started him on oral steroids a few days ago to try and resolve it. Unfortunately, the steroids were not as effective as they had hoped, so the doctors decided a quick surgical procedure was needed.

We received a phone call this morning telling us the surgery time had been changed from this afternoon to early this morning. We rushed to the hospital to try and be with his mother during the procedure, but Darbaz was already in ICU recovery when we arrived. During the surgery, the doctor made a small incision below Darbaz's heart and inserted a tube to drain the fluid that surrounded it. Although heavily medicated, Darbaz was uncomfortable and weary from this latest setback.

He was also quite weak from recent (and quite dramatic) weight loss from having almost no appetite since his heart surgery. As the fluid drained from his chest, Darbaz's condition seemed to improve quite rapidly. Within hours of his procedure he was awake, talking, hungry, and felt up to playing a game (Angry Birds) on my cell phone. He didn't even mind my sparkly pink phone!  As Kristina chatted with him in Kurdish he became more animated - asking about the other children at Shevet and happily reporting what he learned to his mother. Please continue to pray for Darbaz's healing and recovery.  Also, please pray that his appetite would continue to improve and that he would gain the weight he has lost these last few weeks.

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