Darbaz Home Again!

Sometimes the road to healing is rift with detours, delays, and roadblocks. Nevertheless, it is these challenges that make the breakthroughs even sweeter. Today, Darbaz experienced a momentous breakthrough in which we are all celebrating: he is home in Jerusalem again! Doctors deemed him strong enough to return home after being hospitalized for nearly three weeks. A difficult surgery followed by repeated chest tubes, another minor surgery, and poor appetite are now behind him.
Darbaz's heart continues to grow stronger and his oxygen is much improved. To his mother's delight, her son has greater voracity and the kilos he lost in hospital are gradually returning. Before bidding Sheba farewell, we couldn't help posing in front of the newest wall mural in the children's department. One section displayed a larger-than-life image of Peter Pan, the very embodiment of never-ending childhood adventures. As Darbaz recovers from the physical and emotional trauma of heart surgery, I pray that his remaining years of boyhood will be joyful and filled with adventures of his own. 
I'm so thankful to have Darbaz and his mother in our home once more. The Lord is doing a beautiful work of healing in him. And what a privilege it has been these last weeks to be a witness of this work. To God be the glory!
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