Celebrating Darbaz

I met Darbaz about three weeks ago during his long recovery at Sheba Hospital. I got to know him as a child who is excited about learning new things. Not only did Darbaz learn a lot of things, like counting to ten in English, he also taught us a lot of words in Kurdish! It was really fun being around him and spending time with him. 

Darbaz had a really long and exhausting recovery from his open heart surgery, which had a lot of side effects, like fluid around his heart and lungs - which caused him to need another minor surgery. During his rocky healing process, Darbaz and his mum needed some encouragement from time to time. But the day finally arrived when Darbaz could say, “Bayani, Kurdistan” (tomorrow, Kurdistan).

During the party, Darbaz was really excited about going home and he was vividly talking on the phone to one of his nine siblings. Of course we sang Darbaz’s favorite song “Halleluja” while he was cheerfully clapping his hands. After we sang praise to the Lord for Darbaz’s precious life, we all shared our memories of our times with Darbaz and his mum.

Since their arrival in Israel two and a half months ago, both have been growing in their journey together. Darbaz’s mum came as a very strong, hardened, and serious woman. She left us as a very warm, affectionate woman who has been growing in her capacity to express joy. She is a really caring and loving mother as well as a gentle friend to all of us working at Shevet Achim. We could experienced this on their last evening. She repeatedly thanked the Lord for all he has done for Darbaz’s health. In addition to that she showed all of us her thankfulness with a certain sparkle in her eyes. She tried to diminish the language barrier by giving candies to all of us just to show us how us her love. After that we watched Darbaz’s farewell video slideshow which reminded all of us of the immense strain Darbaz and his mum went through. The video also showed this little boy’s healing process and his growing strength - which really was a miracle. We all hope that he will be able to go back to school soon and learn how to read and write. The most important thing we could imagine him to learn is that Gods love for him is infinite and that he is unique. Last but not least, Dabaz received a lot of gifts to remember his time in Jerusalem.  

This morning, we all got up a little earlier than normal to say our final goodbyes to Darbaz and his mum. We escorted them to the van and it was really moving for us to see Darbaz’s mum being so grateful to finally return back home but at the same time trying to hide her tears.

After they were seated in the van, we said goodbye to them and their journey home began. We still pray that God will continue improving this brave child’s health and accompany him in his bright future with his new heart.

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