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We got news this morning that our little brother from Gaza, Marwan, was making his way through the Gaza border to Israel to go for a heart procedure at the Wolfson Medical Center. A small crew immediately went down to the Erez border and arrived just in time to receive Marwan and his mother passing through the last security gate. Marwan recognized us with a little smile, and we soon got on the road. Our little friend was restless and unsatisfied from the very beginning of the ride by being held back by a seat-belt. Suddenly the noise of wrestling the seat-belt stopped, and we realized that he had puked all over himself. After cleaning up and continuing our trip to the hospital, we soon found Marwan sleeping quietly – even wearing his seat-belt.
After a rather dramatic ride, we arrived at Wolfson and coincidentally met a little boy and his mother from Tanzania that some of us have come to know through our regular visits to the hospital. Reflecting again over this encounter, it seemed to have a more divine coordination. Both the Tanzanian boy and Marwan have undergone heart surgery and now in need of a prosthetic device. They also happen to be around the same age. I could keep on drawing similarities between these two young fighters who both have left their home and come to Israel in hope of a brighter future.
It was truly special to witness the mothers’ deep sympathy for each other though not many words were spoken; it seemed somehow to be completely unnecessary as they simply shared in their association and compassion for each other.
I think a good friendship started from this very day between the two boys. What an incarnation of ‘Shevet Achim’ – at one hand they have nothing in common at first glance, but on the other hand they have everything in common. It was such a blessing to see these two brothers taking hands smiling so cheerfully considering their outer vulnerability.
We later went to the ward to admit Marwan so that he could be ready for his scheduled CT-scan tomorrow. It is assumed that Marwan has a closed vain around his heart, and the CT-scan will reveal if it will be possible to open up the vain with a catheterization. Please pray that this scan will bring helpful results.
We are also hoping to take Marwan to a specialized hospital for a foot replacement in the near future. So far more than $2000 have been donated toward this cause! I told Marwan’s mother how different people around the world generously have been donating money to help her son get walking. I promised her to let everyone know that she is very grateful for the help and love that has been shown towards her son. It is a big wish for her to one day see Marwan walk around just like any other child. Lord willing this wish will come true one day. Thanks so much for your contributions in prayer and support for young Marwan.
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