She Came Expecting

Overcast skies and a fine mist of rain had no ill effect on Roween as she and her mother emerged from Shevet Achim this morning.  Roween was bright eyed and full of anticipation when she realized she was going on an adventure with Kyle, Kristina, myself and her mother. 
The car ride was full of laughter and a medley of songs serenaded by Kristina. One could not, however, ignore the pensive state of Roween's beautiful young mother, who I sensed was praying over her precious child. There was a peace that passed all understanding was also present, a peace that only a child of God would know. Roween's mother knew within her heart that today would be a turning point, because she came in expectation of an answered prayer. She came expecting a miracle for Roween. 
We arrived at Wolfson Hospital located in Tel-Aviv around 10:30am. Kristina was warmly greeted by staff as she checked Roween in for her exam. We were ushered into the small room as Dr. Tamir arrived. He greeted the family and mentioned how blessed Roween was to have a mother that is fluent in so many languages. 
Small talk subsided as Dr. Tamir sat down at the echocardiogram (echo) machine and attached three electrodes to Roween's chest. This machine provides a 2-D computerized picture of the heart in action. As Dr. Tamir began to examine Roween, we learned more about why he invited her for an echo today. Her last echo at Wolfson several weeks ago confirmed that she has a VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) as well as the likelihood of a Double-Chambered Right Ventricle (DCRV). This defect happens when the muscle of the right ventricle grows too thick and hinders the heart function. At that point, open heart surgery was the only option given to repair these two defects. 
Dr. Tamir wanted to double check the previous test one more time. He had a hunch that the results might be different today. We stood watching Roween's little heart beat on the monitor for several minutes as the doctors continued checking and consulting each other. Meanwhile, we were silently praying under our breaths. After going to a second room and watching the doctors check her on a different echo machine, the final results were in: Roween will NOT undergo open heart surgery! The echo showed no muscle mass large enough to require surgery! She will be able to have the large hole repaired during a heart catheterization procedure within the next few weeks! "Miracle!" exclaimed Roween's mother. "I knew it--I just knew it. I had peace that God was doing a miracle!" We gathered our things and celebrated by eating chocolate cookies in the waiting room. Yet to me, the miracles were not over - you see, as Kristina and Kyle went to visit mothers of the other children that are in Wolfson Hospital, Roween's mother ministered to the mothers that came into the waiting room. She encouraged them with words of kindness and calmed their fears as she translated for them the things their doctors could not.  
Then a Jewish boy sang songs to Roween as she grew tired from the long trip. So, today I saw Christian, Jew, and Muslim all gathered together at one point or another loving on each other! You see, today God is still in the miracle business and nothing is too big or too small! Stop and notice the miracles, and come "expecting."
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