We Cry Out for Hiba

Jesse and I came to Wolfson hospital just before noon time, and right away, I saw Hiba’s mum and Duaa’s mum were sitting outside the ICU waiting. At that moment, I strongly felt I had to embrace Hiba’s mum and say no words. Later on, I went with Hiba's mum to the ICU and saw all the doctors and nurses were busy with Hiba and not able to provide any further update on her, so we left the ICU and waited again. Hiba's mum decided to go to children's ward to pray for Hiba, so we went there together.

Later, Jesse and I again went to the ICU to find out what had happened to Hiba.

We learned from Hiba’s primary nurse that Hiba had had a difficult moment and had been fighting for her life in the morning. According to the nurse, this morning the doctor had extubated Hiba for a little period of time, only to find Hiba’s blood pressure and oxygen level both dropping to a very low level. It shows Hiba‘s lungs were not able to function well and could not help her to sustain her own breathing system now. Due to this, the doctor re-intubated her around 11am.

As Jesse translated to Kurdish for Hiba's mom, I saw tears were dropping from her eyes; she was longing to get any sense of hope.

I hold Hiba and her mum tenderly. Jesse, Hiba's mother, and I cry out to our Lord as the psalmist did in Psalm 46:1 -- “God, be Hiba’s refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

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