A Cozy Time

This afternoon, we took Roween and her mother to the Wolfson Medical Center in Tel Aviv. We had a peaceful car ride from Jerusalem, even though we all knew that the next couple of days are going to be tough.     

The moment we entered the hospital, Roween knew what was going on. She became quiet and observant, and when the nurses wanted to take her blood pressure, she immediately started to cry and wouldn't stop until we left the room and there was no more danger. She is a smart little girl with a good memory. She definitely knew what was going on.  

After that, Roween and her mother got installed in a room with a bed close to the window, which Roween's mother was very happy for. We waited quite some time for the doctor to come and take blood samples from Roween. In the meantime, we visited Duaa and her mother who are staying next door. Duaa is doing well, and she and Roween enjoyed each other's company.

The waiting time was long, but we had a nice time drawing, singing, and playing with an orange. It was a cozy time!    

Tomorrow, it will be time for the repair of Roween's cardiac defect via catheterization. Our prayer is for God's protection and strength for Roween and her mother.

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