I met Hiba's mother today in the children's ward and she looked the calmest and most peaceful I have seen her in weeks. Her hopes were high because the doctors and nurses in the ICU wanted to try again to take Hiba off the mechanical ventilation system. After she was finished with lunch and praying, we went together to the ICU, but only she was allowed in. My chance came half an hour later. I peeked in the ICU and saw Hiba's mother sitting on her daughter's bedside. Hiba was awake and breathing on her own! I joined them and, together with her mother, we praised God for His goodness and mercy towards precious Hiba. She is currently stable, but still in need of a lot of medical attention and treatment. Our Shevet family is rejoicing and so thankful for everyone who is interceding for Hiba and our other children.

Above is a video of Hiba and her mother in the ICU. You can see she is awake and moving!

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