One Day at a Time

Our community, as well as people around the world, have been praying for Hiba, knowing that every day of life is a gift from God. Before visiting her in the ICU today, I had the chance to speak candidly with Dr. Alona about Hiba's current condition. She told me that Hiba's overall condition had slightly improved but is still critical. Her kidneys continue to be assisted through dialysis, and the tricuspid valve in her heart has recently begun to leak severely.  

Dr. Alona went on to say that Hiba may need a third surgery to repair her tricuspid valve as early as this week. She was hopeful that this repair could bring marked improvement. The doctors were to meet later this afternoon to discuss their plan of action for surgery as well as when to attempt extubating Hiba again. 

Hiba's mother was quite calm today and did not seem overwhelmed or anxious when I discussed the chance of another surgery with her. She listened carefully, as did her eldest son in Kurdistan, whom I spoke with over the phone. I've come to appreciate this family more and more for how well they love and care for each other. Relatives from Holland flew in for one week to offer their support, and this week, another uncle is due to arrive to continue that support. As we trust Messiah for Hiba's life, may we continue to love and encourage this family through His Spirit and by His grace. We have nothing to offer in and of ourselves, but in Messiah, we have more then we could ever hope for! 

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