Hafla Hafla for Roween

Usually, we take the children who are officially discharged from the hospital to the sea in order to let them have a good time there. And today was the last day for our one-year-old Roween to go to Tel Aviv in order to see the beautiful beach. Before we went to the beach, though, Arwa, another of our children from Shevet, had an echocardiogram, so Roween and her mother joined us waiting there. Also, we were waiting for Roween's final report, which we received at the end of the day in the hospital. When Dr. Alona saw Roween and her mother keeping Arwa and his mother company at the echo department, she asked, ”What is she doing here?”

There is no doubt that our beautiful Roween was healed by our Lord and can grow up as a normal, healthy child. She can do everything she wants without any exceptions. What a great joy that is for her family, as well as for us here at Shevet. We praise God for the miracle He has done!  

Throughout the day at the hospital, we spent much time playing with Roween, and she was very happy and excited to discover and see all the things around her. And later on, we headed to the beach. It's always nice to see the families having fun at the beach, and today was no exception. Roween's mother noticed the amazing smelling air, and she was happy and thankful to be able to spend some time at this beautiful place. Sometimes we had some trouble escaping the waves, but that made it even more fun. 

Pictures can speak much more than words ever could, so please enjoy some more impressions of the lovely day we were able to have with Roween and her mother.

Thank you all for all your prayers and all your support for Roween, we appreciate this a lot.

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