Seeing God Move

I had the opportunity to go to Wolfson Hospital today to see Hiba!

I was greeted by one of the on call physicians with news that Hiba was doing better.  I found her mother sitting in a corner crying. The doctor suggested I take her out of the ICU so that she could rest. She is in a state of exhaustion, coupled with a lack of understanding on the condition of her daughter, and she feels something is wrong.

As we went into the waiting room, we ran into Dr. Alona. She said, “over the last two days Hiba’s condition has improved. She has turned a corner. However, Hiba is still in critical condition. The fluid around her heart is dissipating and the swelling in her limbs is lessening. We are pleased with the progress. We will start to extubate her over the next day or so, and then we will assess if we need to do a third surgery.” This is GREAT NEWS!

Please keep Hiba and her sweet mother in your prayers as she is still in critical condition, yet REJOICE with us for this wonderful report!

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