Urgent Prayer Needed for Hiba

First thing this morning, the ICU was buzzing with activity. Doctors were around Hiba's bed discussing in somber tones. Among them was the surgeon, Dr. Sasson, and chief cardiologist, Dr. Tamir. Dr. Sasson approached me and said that a third surgery is scheduled for Hiba tomorrow morning. He plans to repair her tricuspid valve and create a small opening between her upper two chambers in hopes of improving her current heart condition. Dr. Sasson is concerned about how Hiba will respond to surgery due to her body's fragile state. Just as he was telling me that he doesn't know if she will survive the operation, Dr. Tamir interrupted to say, "But they (Shevet Achim) pray a lot!"

I was struck by the power of this testimony. Praise God that Dr. Tamir recognizes that we are a community of faith who are seeking and trusting the Lord in the midst of bleak circumstances. 

Throughout the day, I had the privilege of laying my hands on Hiba and praying over her in the name of Messiah. As the day went by, my faith was strengthened in God's ability to work wonders. One of the songs I sang to Hiba today says, "Sick are healed and the dead are raised at the sound of Your great name! Jesus, worthy is the Lamb that was slain for us..."

As Passover and the time of Messiah's death and resurrection quickly approaches, may we find strength and hope in the truth of these words! Messiah is our Passover Lamb, and He is the God who conquered death on our behalf. What a sacred time for Hiba's surgery to take place.

Please intercede for Hiba as she heads into the operation room early Thursday morning. Also, please pray for her mother! She needs strength and peace that only the Lord can provide. Sophie, Brian, and I will be with her during Hiba's surgery tomorrow, so pray that we might be a tangible source of Messiah's love to her. May God's will be done, and may His name be glorified!

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