Talal's Cheer vs. The Machine

This morning, we took part in the beginning of the mechanisms that will culminate in Talal's surgery tomorrow morning. Marilyn and I drove with him and his mother over to Wolfson hospital and saw him through the admissions processes. His cheer and patient acceptance made for a very smooth blood drawing, and the hospital staff gave their thanks. 

His room for the night is with Israelis, and we said hello to them as we waited for the go-ahead for Talal's x-ray. When we were told it was time to move forward, we found that it wasn't for a standard x-ray but for a big CAT scan! Talal was a bit unnerved by the large, strange machine, but his mother stayed close to him and helped him through. 

We were soon done, and Talal's mother gave him a piggy-back ride back to the room – where he wanted my phone to play Beach Rally on. After some warm farewells we started out towards home.

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