A Dream Come True

There are many beautiful children we meet at Shevet. Each of them is unique, and they all impact us in one way or another. Each of them is loved on by our community, but it is also true that there are some children with whom we bond in an even deeper way than with others. Jwana has been such a child for me. Two years ago, when she left Israel after several months with us, I cried. A very special friend was gone, and I felt the hole that she had left. Jwana's gentle spirit and quiet strength had inspired and encouraged me, especially when circumstances were difficult and challenging. 

This past Friday, I had the great joy of visiting Jwana and her family in Kurdistan. A dream had come true, and I was excited to see my friend again. We had only called a few hours before our arrival at Jwana's house to announce our visit, but we were received very warmly by her big family.

After a few minutes in the living room, we women separated from the men and went in a different room. There the atmosphere soon relaxed, and we enjoyed tea and fruit. Several of Jwana's sisters pulled out clothes and jewlery to give as gifts to Sophie and me.

We were touched and overwhelmed by their joyful generosity. The help that Jwana had received in Israel meant so much to her family that they wanted to bless us in any way possible. 

Jwana has become a young woman who radiates beauty and peace.

With a healed and strong heart, she is attending school. I am excited to see what God has in store for precious Jwana. May she come to understand how much she is loved by Him. I hope to some day see her again, and as I just experienced, sometimes dreams come true!

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