Ahmed's CT Scan

Ahmed cried in the car all the way to the hospital. He had been required to fast before his CT scan and was thus very hungry and tired. It appeared to be stressful for Ahmed's Mother who was trying to get him to stop crying by distracting him and rocking him to sleep. 

This continued in the hospital as Ahmed had to sit and wait very long to be called for his CT scan. This was distressing for this hungry little boy and his Mother who didn’t like to see her son suffering; she shed a few tears of her own.

Once he was called up, Ahmed’s CT scan went very well. Ahmed was much happier when he could have some food and water afterwards.

On a side note, Doctors have observed the unusual shape of Ahmed’s head, some atypical characteristics, and delay to crawling and walking. We would like to get a Kurdish translator and ask Ahmed’s Mother some questions about her pregnancy and his birth to try and ascertain if these things are linked to his heart disease or possibly something else.

Doctors say that all he has to do is go back and wait for surgery for the time being here in Jerusalem.


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