What Are We Here For?

There are times when certain projects get put to the wayside to accommodate a more immediate need, and this was one of those days. We were contacted by the hospital in the afternoon; they were ready to begin the admittance process for Ahmed to prepare him for surgery in the morning. We gathered together in the courtyard and the community prayed for him and his mother.

Maureen and I then began our drive to the hospital. We reflected together on how often we can construct our own plans and then have them be disrupted. There was a joy found in the fact that the disruption today is a major part of what we are here for. We were able to drop everything in order to do God’s work in a direct and visible way, getting Ahmed to the hospital.

The admittance process was simple. After making sure they were settled in and that the nurses had no new information for us, we were able to head back to Jerusalem. We pray that Ahmed’s surgery this morning will be a full repair, and that both he and his mother had a restful night.

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