Ahmed’s Surgery Day

Ahmed was the first surgery for today. We had been waiting for him for approximately six hours when he was transferred to ICU. It was an emotional time when he was put into surgery, but once he was being operated on there was a sense of peaceful expectation. Ahmed’s mother showed hospitality by graciously sharing her food and pictures of her family with us while we waited. There is something homely about sharing tea and memories with someone during such a crucial moment. I was glad that Anna, Maureen, and I were there to comfort and share with her during that time. It was evident that she was glad for the company regardless of who she was with.

We checked the board many times throughout the day to see the surgery progress and determined that there would be time to eat lunch before he was out of surgery. Some time after lunch Maureen checked just as he was admitted to ICU.

Ahmed’s mother was relieved and part of the team waited with her until they were finished processing him into ICU. He appeared stable. We are waiting to hear what the results of the surgery are.

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