Ahmed Extubated

Going into the ICU today, it was very exciting to see Ahmed breathing on his own. He had the tube for his ventilator taken out earlier this morning. He has an oxygen mask on over his mouth and nose, but is able to have it taken off to eat. Ahmed is wheezing slightly, but we are hopeful this is simply due to throat irritation from the intubation tube.    

The doctors were doing their rounds when I walked in. The report was very good and Ahmed is progressing in his healing wonderfully. The plan is to take out his urinary catheter and atrial line later today.  

Ahmed was sleeping when we first arrived at Wolfson, but before we left he was awake. His big brown eyes are so beautiful. His mother has been very attentive to him and is always eager to hear how he is progressing.  

As Ahmed continues to heal, our prayers are for a transfer to the secondary ICU in the near future.        

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