Doctors, Echos, and Meds, Oh My!

Despite poor Ahmed's loud protests, the doctors were able to gauge his heart condition today with the echocardiogram and see that he is nearly ready to go back to Kurdistan for a full life. 

After some time crying, he did quiet down and let the doctors get the readings, which they can only do when the child is silent.

Today's echo, along with the rest of the scans he has had, were enough for Dr. Alona to say that next week will be Ahmed's final echo! Most of his few remaining medications have been stopped, and he is getting back to normal. 

He enjoys walking around between us when we sit down and hold him up. And although his dislike of the wires and probing of electrocardiograms hasn't lessened much, he has been healing well nonetheless. Soon we'll be saying goodbye to this special mother and son that God has brought over here for a short time.

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