Praise the Lord

Today was a regular hospital visit for Jesse and me. Before we arrived at the children's ward, we prayed that God would bless our time with the kids and mums at the hospital. Around noon time, Baran was extubated once more, though left with an oxygen nasal cannula. The ICU nurse says that, so far, he’s doing well and that his blood gas level is also very good.

Jesse and I prayed and offered our thanks to God. Jesse especially prayed in Kurdish for Baran's mum to have strength to look after Baran daily and that God's hands would continue to touch and heal him step by step.

Before we left, little Baran was still sleeping peacefully without any trouble.

Thank you, Lord, for your wonderful work in Baran’s life. May your mercy and grace shine upon Baran and his mum. May both of them know you and be living testimonies for the sake of your glory. Amen!

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