Ahmed's Final Echo

Today, we took Ahmed to have his long-awaited final echocardiogram. 

He fell asleep on the way to the hospital, and we tried as best we could to keep him happy during the day. He cried a great deal, though, and was very tired. 

The echo was successful, however, and the Israeli doctors have permitted his travel home to Iraq. 

Awaiting paperwork after the echocardiogram, we played in the gardens and had lunch and tea.

After a long day, Ahmed was very tired and fell asleep on my lap. This gave his mother the opportunity to go for a short trip to the store, which she was very grateful for.

His mother said goodbye to her Kurdish friends at the hospital before we left. It was a very emotional farewell, and everyone was crying. These women have grown close to each other over the course of the treatment of their children.

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