Ahmed's Farewell

Ahmed - as you have seen in all of the photographs - is a delightful child.  We have seen him change over the last 7 weeks in Israel.  Not only because he successfully recovered from his surgery for Tetralogy of Fallot but we have also seen him develop on all parameters as he gradually gained strength after the heart operation. 

I remember Ahmed from his first days here at Shevet, when he arrived after a tiring flight and the next morning was sent to Wolfson for his first assessment. His mother was breastfeeding him (even though he is already a year old he could not eat any kind of soft foods or crawl or move his legs).
After the surgery, Ahmed made good steady progress and was able to be discharged less than two weeks later, with no complications.  The follow-up echos showed good repair. After the final Echo, he and his mother flew out of Israel to their home in Kurdistan.  As always, we like to give our families a farewell party where everyone can encourage the parents about their stay and send them on their way to a new life after surgery.  
Ahmed's mother is a kind, helpful person who was willing to help with her small knowledge of English to translate for our staff.  She took care of Ahmed well, encouraged others, and was always very appreciative of the help she received from us.  
The days before he left we were able to watch him eat solid foods and begin to crawl and stand with support. The development of his interactions with people were encouraging and the doctors assured Ahmed's mother that he would gradually become stronger in the coming months.  
So we say a final farewell to you, Ahmed. May God bless your little life over the years and may you get to know Him as you grow and learn about your miracle in Israel.   
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