Continued Progress!

After the two-day holiday, Rosh Hashanah, we were so excited to visit Baran and his mother today! As I walked into the ICU, his mother was sitting in a chair holding Baran while feeding him a bottle. He has been eating formula from a bottle for the last two days. There is still a tube down Baran’s nose into his intestines, but it has not been in use for the past couple of days. We thank God that, even with this change, Baran is still gaining weight. Today he tipped the scales at 4.0kg!

It was a blessing seeing this loving, caring mom tenderly holding her baby. There is something so comforting and healing in a mother’s touch. we are full of thanksgiving that Baran can once again be regularly held by his mother.

Baran’s breathing is also progressing. He is now on a less invasive form of supplemental oxygen. With only a small amount (fluctuating between 1 and 2 liters) of 100% concentrated oxygen, God’s hands are certainly still on this child!

Despite Baran’s mother’s amazing strength, she is tiring of life in the hospital – especially living in the ICU. Let’s lift up our voices in prayer that Baran will continue his progression to a point where transfer to the secondary ICU or the children’s ward will be the next step!

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