Lamis's Heart Surgery


Going Home to Gaza

Posted on Wed, 02/03/2016 - 22:41 by Coert van der Veen

Yesterday, Miriam and I took off to Wolfson hospital to look after Lamis and her mother, because they were leaving the hospital and returning to Gaza. We didnt know if there would be an ambulance available to bring her to Gaza, so we brougt oxygen in the van, just in case we would have to take her to the Erez border crossing.

As we arrived at the hospital we found her mother already waiting with all their luggage. The doctor told Miriam that Lamis has a multi-resistant bacteria in her blood. We were not allowed to visit her, so Miriam could only take a picture through the window. Also, the doctor insisited she would travel by ambulance. It appeared a tough job to get the right ambulance for Lamis's transfer to Gaza. In fact, it took the whole day, but in the end the ambulance arrived and the transfer succeeded. It is sad knowing that Lamis can't be treated and expectations on her life are not positive. All we can and will do is pray for her well-being and that the Lord knows her and loves her. Please pray with us for Lamis and her family.

The brevity of life

Posted on Mon, 02/01/2016 - 18:20 by Alexa Bigl

We received difficult news this morning for tiny baby Lamis. Due to a genetic chromosomal disorder, the doctors will not operate on her heart defect. The chromosome disorder is incurable and will lead to Lamis’ death. Since her prognosis is a brief life, the doctors will not perform the cardiac surgery. Tomorrow, Lamis will be transported back to a hospital in Gaza via ambulance. Since she needs supplemental oxygen to survive, Lamis will continue to be hospitalized in Gaza. Her parents are handling the situation very well and with much grace. Lamis’ father is a medical professional and we thank God this allows for him to understand the situation more fully. Both mother and father continue to express their thanks towards Shevet and Wolfson. We know God is the master of all, and we pray His perfect plan come to pass for Lamis and her family. Please continue to pray with us for Lamis!  

Lamis in Isolation

Posted on Sun, 01/31/2016 - 19:46 by Miriam Svensson
When I visited the hospital today, I wanted to check how it was with little Lamis. I asked the doctor in the ICU, and she told me the tiny baby is not doing so well. She is treated for an infection and still waiting for surgery. Due to the infection that is caused by multiresistent bacteria, she is isolated. I could not visit her because of this, but saw through the window to her room how the nurses were carefully tending to her.
A while later I met Lamis' mother, when she joined me and Yousef for lunch. She seemed very calm, but I am sure she is worried for her precious daughter.
Thank you for praying for Lamis and her family! We will continue to lift them up before our heavenly Father, who is mighty to do wonderful things.

Baby Lamis Rushed to Israel from Gaza

Posted on Tue, 01/26/2016 - 23:10 by Erin Emmerich

What a day of providence! We headed to the Gaza border to pick up an infant in need of emergency heart surgery. We knew she was very young and on oxygen, and so we prepared for an urgent transport to the hospital. Of course plans tend to take twists of their own quite often!

We arrived at the border at around 10 am and were there waiting until 2 pm. There was some confusion between Gaza and Israeli crossing officials, but we serve an awesome God. One of our team members was finally able to communicate the importance of us getting to the baby and mother and we were able to receive them.

At once it was clear how in need this little girl named Lamis was. She was a tiny 1.6 kg /3.5 lbs and was left without oxygen for a number of minutes while her mother carried her across the border. We immediately applied oxygen and rushed her and her mother to the hospital. Though at first she was quite listless she began to perk up after receiving oxygen, though still very weak. Here is video of her arrival to the ICU in Israel:

We are thanking God that He opened the door to get to her when we did. We faced her being overly deprived of oxygen or even being sent back if time continued to tick away but He is faithful! Please keep little Lamis and her mother in prayer. Thank you for your support!