More Time

As I walked into Abdullah's room at Wolfson this morning and saw him still in his hospital pajamas, I figured he was not going to be allowed to come back to Jerusalem with us.

Unfortunately, this assumption was correct and Abdullah will be spending at least one more night in the hospital. The results from yesterday's chest x-ray came back with some concerns. In addition to the fluid the doctors saw around his heart on the echo, Abdullah also has fluid around both of his lungs. On one side, this fluid is exerting enough pressure it has caused that lung to partially collapse. Abdullah is on new, stronger medications and is receiving supplemental oxygen via nasal cannula. While he has some pain associated with the fluid collection, Abdullah remains content and easy-going. We lift up prayers of healing while thanking God for this young man and his father.

We are grateful our coworker, Miriam, was very thorough in her assessment of Abdullah yesterday and noticed the subtle changes he was showing so we could quickly get him help and increased interventions at the hospital. God is so faithful in how He works, including how He works through us!

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