A Beautiful Heart

On a rainy Thursday afternoon we said goodbye to a father and son that have become a part of our family here. Abdullah's time with us was longer than he had expected, but it was filled with many wonderful memories.

When Abdullah and his father first arrived to Jerusalem, they were very quiet and reserved. But, as we often experience here, we saw them both open up as we spent time with them. Abdullah's father enjoyed going on walks with Aveen's father, often going to pray and walk around the shops in the Old City. He was also very excited to learn different English words like mother and father, sister and brother, and anything else he could hear us saying. It was beautiful to see the way he became close friends with Aveen's father, both of them supporting each other through their children’s' surgeries.

Both father and son are quiet and unassuming. Though they are very hospitable and welcoming, they do not try to make themselves known or try to be the focus of conversation. I believe I could even say that they are very humble people. They never asked for much and appreciated what they had. I certainly learned a lot from seeing how they live; to appreciate the blessings I have been given.

Abdullah is a very shy young man and often doesn't have much to say. But he would light up when talking about certain things that he loves like soccer, his family, and his beautiful home in Kurdistan. Abdullah even knows some English words and can write in English letters. He does very well in school and had a difficult time being away for so long, worried that his teachers would be upset.

There is so much I could say about Abdullah, but I think the words that would best sum up his time with us here are: a beautiful heart. In everything he did I could see his heart. I could see how he cares for others, especially his brothers. I could see his heart in the way he would bless others by preparing a beautiful salad for many of our community lunches.

Not only is his heart now fully healed, but he can now do so many things he couldn't do before, like playing soccer. Some time after Abdullah's surgery was over and he was back in Jerusalem, we took an outing to the park where Abdullah was able to play soccer again. We had seen him smile before, but the smile he had on his face when he was playing soccer was one like I had never seen. It came from every part of his being; he was doing what he loved to do. And that day I was reminded of why Shevet exists. That in some part, by God's grace, we are able to have a role in saving these precious lives. To know Abdullah can do what he loves, what brings him joy, gives glory to God and His healing power.

I hope for and look forward to visiting Abdullah and his family at their home in Kurdistan. To meet his brothers and his amazing mother who grew her son into who he is. To not only have them be a part of our family but to also become a part of their family. And I pray one day they may know our Father who loves them so much more than they will ever comprehend.

"I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds." Psalm 9:1

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