A Long Day

This morning, at around 6:30am, Miriam called Wolfson hospital to ask if Abdalla was having surgery today. They said they had to wait for the doctor to confirm, but they thought the surgery might be postponed until later that day. We didn't know what to do - go to the hospital as planned or wait for a while until we knew the exact time of the surgery. We decided to go early and just see what we could do at the hospital. However, by the time we arrived in the nurses' office and we asked about him, he was already in surgery.
Christelle and I went to the preparation room to see if he was still there, but just as we were arriving Abdalla's father was coming out. He told us Abdalla was already in surgery. Abdalla's father told us Abdalla had been asking for us just moments before the surgery, and he had been crying and was upset. But, even in those things God is in control. I would have loved to have seen him before surgery and prayed with him, but sadly things didn't turn out that way.
And so the waiting time started. Abdalla's dad was anxious, but during the day he occasionally smiled and we tried to keep his mind occupied on good things. We prayed and walked all around the hospital. He didn't want to have lunch, which is normal in the love a father has, as he anxiously waiting for his son. The only thing that mattered was thinking about seeing his son after the surgery, and to then see him recover.
After seven and a half hours of waiting, Miriam saw the doctors taking Abdalla into the ICU. We went there straightaway, and we waited for another hour until they finally let us into the ICU to see him.
Finally, at 5:02pm the waiting was over after about nine hours. The doctors were pleased to confirm that Abdalla's surgery went 'perfectly', and as it always is, the glory at the end of the day is for God. May the Lord be in this new stage of life for Abdalla while his heart now recovers. Tonight he will sleep, intubated, at the hospital with his father, and tomorrow will be a new day for the Lord to work in.
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