Sleeping Prince

It was an early start this morning when our crew set off for the hospital. We were going for two main reasons: to see Abdalla after his surgery and to support Baran's mother as he went into surgery today. 
When we arrived, we went into the ICU and found Abdalla fast asleep in his bed. The doctors had not yet taken him off the medication that was keeping him asleep, but, we were hopeful to see him awake later on in the day. While we were by his bedside, one of the medical staff arrived in order to do an echo. We waited until it was over and spoke to the doctor. He was positive about the results.
Later on in the day we heard from the doctors that they would not be extubating him today and that he would remain asleep for the rest of the day. We were sad that we would not be able to speak to Abdalla, but his recovery is the most important thing. 
This little prince of ours is definitely a mover! Even when fast asleep his body kept twitching and I amused myself by imagining all of the adventurous dreams that were taking place in his head. Occasionally they had to wake him slightly before sending him back to sleep to ensure a coma type state did not occur. However, they were experiencing very difficult problems in getting him back to sleep. Abdalla desires to be awake; he desires fun and games; may God restore his heart so he can live out his desires!
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