Awake at Last

When we arrived at Wolfson hospital this morning I was excited to see whether Abdalla would be awake.
At first I had to stay with another of our children for one of their medical exams. Luckily, Suhail spent time with Abdalla's father. I was thankful Suhail could do this, since he can communicate with the father in Arabic. He told me later he had explained why there will be no bread in the hospital and at Shevet Achim next week, and told him the story of Passover.
After a while I could go to the ICU and visit Abdalla! I was happy to see he had already been extubated. He was still very tired, but he squinted at me under his long eyelashes and raised his hand to say hello. His throat was probably a little sore after the breathing tube, but he managed to whisper some words and ask his father for water. How precious to see him capable of expressing his needs after sleeping for two whole days.
Thank you for your prayers for this brave boy! We praise the Lord for His healing hand on Abdalla and pray that his recovery will proceed smoothly.
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